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Wealth Management: We have no sales targets or product dependencies. We offer you wealth management that is geared to your goals. What counts for us is your name and not your portfolio number.

- We involve you in defining your goals.

- You decide whether you want active or passive asset management.

- You decide whether you prefer to invest in individual securities or in funds.

- You decide whether your securities account should be managed by a low-cost direct bank or a traditional private bank.

We consistently pursue your interests and attach great importance to cost transparency, risk diversification and consistency.

In addition, careful analyses reduce avoidable risks.

We regularly provide you with a complete overview and keep you up to date with reports and discussions.

It goes without saying that the securities account is managed in your name. At no time do we take ownership or possession of your funds or custody account holdings.

You are free to send us your current portfolio confidentially for an analysis free of charge. We will take the time to analyze it for strengths and weaknesses in the form of a portfolio check.

You may also be looking for an wealth manager for topics that go beyond traditional wealth management. You are looking for a sparring partner or a second opinion. We can also provide you with comprehensive support in this area. Contact us with your goals.